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16 Kirby Ln N
Rye, NY 10580


For sale
2924 ft 2

The Stoller home. 1948 Designed by esteemed photographer, Ezra Stoller, with assistance from two acclaimed architects, Abraham Geller, and George Nemeny, 16 Kirby Lane North is rooted in the mid-century modern tradition while newer additions cast this home as the perfect blend of artistic integrity with today's livability. A statement is made upon entering with a custom Nakashima shelf. The dramatic 2 story glass faade bathes two levels of this home in natural light while allowing nature to provide the artwork. An amazing working kitchen with ribbon windows and skylight becomes the backbone of the home. Multiple and flexible living spaces surround this core. The master bedroom ensuite allows for just enough privacy from the guest wing housing 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Set on a dramatic .74 acres, the house flows onto surprising landscapes, a beautiful patio overlooking a flat lawn, a Japanese influenced courtyard and dramatic decks overlooking rocky escarpments. Rare and refined.

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