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27181 Mount Pisgah Road
Mount Hermon, LA 70450


For Sale
1800 ft 2

This extraordinary-one-of-a-kind homes is described by its architect/owner as Brutal Modern; and, as accurate as that might be, it hardly describes it's open, welcome, and livable characteristics. It is environmentally sensitive with its metal sheathing, energy-saving utilities and construction, and practical design. The open floor plan of the 20' x 100' home has a designated bedroom, living, and kitchen areas . . . and a large studio area . . .with a sense of privacy afforded where needed but with an openness that is the hallmark of current living trends. It's an hour and forty minutes from New Orleans and its acreage is surrounded by huge farm pastures and some wooded area on a picturesque road just 4.9 miles outside the village of Mt. Hermon and about 22 miles East of Interstate 55.

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