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121 Top Of Dean Hill Rd
Canaan, NY 12029


For sale
3100 ft 2

This stunning, sophisticated Modernist retreat was created by two prominent colleagues of Frank Lloyd Wright, who combined stonework techniques pioneered at Taliesin West with Usonian design and a soaring peaked roof, which Wright used in church architecture: in this spectacular setting, the roof-line is a paean to the natural world. Expansive windows, honed granite flooring with radiant heat, and polished wood finishes combine with rugged concrete and stone, and a comfortable flow of indoor/outdoor spaces to create a setting that is both dramatic and comfortable. The owners installed a new gourmet kitchen and air conditioning. Set on 16+ acres with perennial gardens, woodland paths, and stylish guest quarters surmounting the garage, convenient to the Berkshires and Hudson Valley... perfect.

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