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3023 E Inglewood Ct
Springfield, MO 65804


For sale
2815 ft 2

3023 E. Inglewood Ct., Springfield, MO. Custom built architecturally designed modern contemporary showplace located on a private lot (1.24 acres m/l) in Southern Hills. This 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath home offers concrete construction with an extensive use of glass to incorporate the interior and exterior features. Many upgraded amenities include mid-century bath fixtures (Kroin/Vola) designed by Arme Jacobsen based in Denmark. Designed with a gallery to feature art work and is enhanced by the Tech Kable Lighting. Up-scale designer kitchen appliances: Fisher & Playkel, Miele, Thermador and Sub Zero. Wonderful private outdoor living spaces include a suspended infinity swimming pool, patios and wonderful landscaped area. This is truly a one of a kind home never before offered for sale.

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