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7232 Humboldt Ave S
Richfield, MN 55423


For sale
2023 ft 2

Mid Century Modern enthusiasts will appreciate this pristine, original, 1958 Graffunder-Nagle designed diamond. Original cork and maple flooring recently restored after having been under carpet for decades. Window sizes & placement designed to allow outside to be integrated into focus. Vintage finishes paramount to the vision of this designer: vaulted ceilings, cement block fireplace wall, firewood storage (accessible from the outside), MCM lighting, built-in bookcases, built-in planters, wired for stereo on main floor, centrally controlled lighting, wood paneling, Westinghouse wall oven & cooktop, stainless steel tiles, Starlight clock, retro finished basement with wet bar, cement block + cypress exterior, & great landscaping. 3 bedrooms up and one office down (could be made into a bedroom). The perfect balance of original finishes and great maintenance, abundant with storage. The sprawling back yard is the highlight and will host many a lawn game & cocktail party!

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