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434 Lawton Hollow Rd
Middleburgh, NY 12122


For sale
2900 ft 2

The Y House sits on top of a hill in the Catskills with two arms ending in balconies drawing the sun into its heart and illuminating various parts of the entire house at various times of the day. One of world renowned architect Steven Holl's most accomplished works, the Y house, like a primitive forked stick, makes an organic mark on a special site with gorgeous views. The geometry is a reverse of public and private, with bedrooms below and common living space above. The inner sanctum of the structure has a vast hanging space for an art collection framed by windows with unique views. This is classic 21st century luminist architecture that borrows from 19th century luminist painters to blend space and light. Time magazine declared Mr. Holl as America's best architect for his buildings that satisfy the spirit as well as the eye. 33 acres with pond and a boat house with original art on the walls by David Novros. Under 3 hours from NYC and an hour from Hudson.

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