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1602 8th Street Southeast
Winter Haven, FL 33880


For Sale
2592 ft 2

It is an ethereal experience to live in a work-of-art, to relax in a design by a master architect at his best. Built by famed architect, Gene Leedy, the Ellison Residence is truly that, combining warmth and peacefulness with innovative design. Your experience begins at the front iron gate which leads to the lush courtyard and four-foot front door. Once inside, expect to say what everyone else does: "wow"! The accordion-like roof, made up of pre-cast double 'T' concrete beams, is hallmark to a Leedy design. The Great Room flows into the dining area and kitchen, which features original hanging cabinets that allow light and air to move throughout and keep the house open. Beyond the kitchen is the Den/Study which provides yet another opportunity to view to the pool and gas-fed tiki torches with small fires that dance and flicker in the reflections off the giant back glass wall. In the private quarters, original details emerge; from the Mid Century black Lucite towel stirrups and the chrome covered paper dispensers, to the original sinks & tile and minimalist hanging sconces. The Roman Baths have ample room to relax and enjoy indoor-outdoor living as you can take a shower with the glass wall open. From both primary bedrooms, you can simply slide a glass door open and rest by the pool, which features walk-down steps and a detached pool bathroom. While enjoying the pool courtyard, the view is stunning; the roof projecting outward under the blue breezy sky, and the glass doors illuminate all that is Mid-Century.

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