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1304 Eugene St
Harrison, AR 72601


For Sale
3792 ft 2

Architecturally designed home by E. Fay Jones located in Harrison, AR. E. Fay Jones was an internationally known architect from AR who won the American Institute of Architects' highest honor, the AIA Gold Medal, in 1990. This home is now for sale and is located w i 30 min. of Branson, MO and the Buffalo National River. Original architect's blueprints convey as well as originally designed furniture. Many unique amenities are listed in the documents tab of this listing. Interior walls were constructed with California Clear Redwood with tongue-in-grove construction. Home has been very well maintained to remain in the overall feel of the architecture. Tiffany brand pool table and equipment convey. Natural stone floors throughout.Property includes 4 lots, two of which are across the road

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