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321 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14208


2000 ft 2

An architectural gem, with great history! The house was designed in 1961 by renowned architect, Robert T Coles. With loads of natural light and centering around the spacious backyard, this house was made for entertaining! House has three levels. The lower level has two bedrooms, a den/study, and an eat-in kitchen with sliding glass doors that walk out onto the recessed patio!! The second level is comprised of an entry foyer and studio with additional space that could be reverted back into a garage. The upper level consists of a master bedroom with a full bath and sliding glass doors onto a large balcony overlooking private backyard, in addition to a guest bedroom and a large living room! This house stands out for its unique character and contemporary styling, a rarity to find in the city!

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