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1441 East Cornell Avenue
Englewood, CO 80113


For Sale
1624 ft 2

Located on a quiet interior street, The Lusky House by Edward Hawkins, is part of the historic Arapahoe Acres neighborhood. Arapahoe Acres is the first post WWII neighborhood to receive a historic designation. Several books, articles, as well as architecture and design enthusiasts have celebrated the unique character of the homes in this small enclave just south of the University of Denver. This home features everything you are looking for in mid-century design; deep overhangs, strong horizontal lines, full length windows, beamed ceiling, mahogany paneling, and a stunning stone fireplace and hearth. This is mid-century living! The inside/outside connection in this home is remarkable. The views of the tranquil courtyard with a cabana from the kitchen and dining room are exquisite. Every room has windows that offer a unique perspective on the surroundings. First time on the market in 54 years. Featured in a '60s Sunset Magazine for its stunning design style. Sat March 17th Open House

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