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6831 North 58th Place
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


For Sale
2656 ft 2

Original Mid-Century Modern home designed and built by Ross Schupback nestled in the beautiful foothills of Mummy Mountain. Built in 1964 this immaculately kept home is shaped like a hyperbolic parabola which gives the appearance of floating over the pristine desert below. Each wing of the roof system covers cantilevered patios with views of Camelback Mountain, Mummy Mountain and sparkling city lights for year round outdoor living. Massive Mahogany doors open into the heart of the home with soaring thermal shielded ceilings created of pure white aluminum crowned at its apex by a striking skylight. A stunning Swedish fireplace wrapped in perforated steel screen anchors the spacious living room created for elegant entertaining. Original hand woven carpet adorns the living room surrounded by gleaming custom white Terrazzo flooring throughout. Steam room, Japanese soaking tub, and outdoor in-ground jacuzzi add resort comforts to the home. Dramatic outdoor desert landscaping designed by Botanical Garden landscaper complete with meandering walking paths.

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