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11 Orchard Brook Drive
Pleasantville, NY 10570


For Sale
2164 ft 2

The Sol Friedman House is an extraordinary masterpiece designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, nested on a bucolic site in renowned Usonia. Documented by architectural photographer Ezra Stoller and featured in numerous publications including Architectural Forum and the NY Times. Full-time home or amazing hidden retreat up a private drive approximately 50 minutes north of Manhattan. Presenting home-as-art, an innovative overlapping circular masonry design uniting structure and nature. Inside, the curving living space gives a sense of movement and connectivity to the outside, not unlike a tree house floating in the woods. Magnificent stone center fireplace & marvelous oak built-ins and furniture, designed by Wright himself, shows his genius in their utility. Just adjacent to the main house, atop the properties rising stone wall is a distinctive concrete formed pedestal carport; a mushroom seemingly growing up from the ground. A private residence respected and cherished.

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