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5999 Grizzly Peak Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94611


For Sale
2391 ft 2

This is a phenomenal home. Designed by the renowned architect Joseph Esherick for the Bermak family in 1963, this property has a simplicity and grace to its many levels that is breathtaking. The living room takes full advantage of the ridiculously wonderful Golden Gate and Bay Bridge Views. The property is situated on two peaceful lots in the Montclair Hills.The upper level is home to the dining room, living room, & kitchen. There is also a full bathroom and a bedroom on this level. Down the beautiful staircase you reach the main bedroom level with master, walk-in closet, and full bathroom that opens to the wooded exterior, as well as an additional bedroom. One level lower there is a storage area, bedroom and additional bathroom.* Simple design choices give this home a wonderful, quiet beauty.In all of his work there is a delicate connection to the landscape of the property itself; his work melds seamlessly with nature.This luscious combination of beauty and functionality was a hallmark of the best mid-century designs.  Owning this home is like owning a piece of art, one with the power to transform your life.5999 Grizzly Peak Blvd, Oakland - Presented by: Andrea Gordon from Open Homes Photography on Vimeo.

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