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2830 Glenoaks Canyon Drive
Glendale, CA 91206


For Sale
2900 ft 2

Located in a sylvan canyon minutes away from Pasadena, Downtown Glendale and the Burbank Studios, this Post and Beam style home is ready for its second owner. Sited on a large, 1.4 acre parcel adj to 20 acres of open space preserve and Scholl Canyon golf course, this property is extraordinary in many ways. Designed by architect Richard Kemp and built for his family in 1978, the home is constructed in a cantilever style above a creek with private spaces, multiple entrances, and flow of light through the forest of trees surrounding the home. Most known for commercial work throughout CA, Dick Kemp built this home to a level of quality uncommon to the style. Mature landscaping, incl dozens of oaks and sycamores, a creek that meanders down the property and under the home along with several gathering spaces create opportunities for incredible entertaining. There is an indescribable serenity to the backyard as you listen to the trees sway in an evening breeze, calming your breath. Elevated above a quiet street, the approach to the home is along a winding driveway. The house becomes larger in view as you park and see through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the living room, oriented to maximize sunset views. The living room, sizable, with a stunning copper mantle becomes the focal point of the home as the sun sets and another peaceful day draws to a close. The legacy continues. Designed by Carmichael-Kemp A.I.A. for his family, and now yours.

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